Frequently asked questions

Junk Smiths+

What is Junk Smiths+?

We are a full service junk removal service located in Crossville, Tennessee and serving all of the Upper Cumberland and Plateau areas. We offer household and commercial junk removal. If you've got unwanted items around your property, we're the ones to call.

How does junk removal work?

When you contact us we will schedule an appointment to come by and discuss your junk removal needs. At that appointment, we will provide you an upfront price quote. Our price always includes all labor and disposal fees. We can remove your items immediately or schedule another time that works for you. We do all the heavy lifting, loading, and disposal. We can remove unwanted items from homes, businesses, attics, basements, and outdoors. Just tell us what you want removed and we'll do the rest!

What do you take? Is there anything that you don't take?

We can take almost any item as long as it isn't hazardous. Common items include general household items, furniture, appliances, mattresses, yard debris, renovation debris, scrap metal, general garbage, sheds, swingsets, carpets, tires, and more. Hazardous items include paints, oils, household cleaners, medications, pesticides, or any other harmful items.

Can you complete full house clean outs?

Yes. Whether you are buying or selling a property, or managing investment and commercial properties, we can help. Our complete property clean outs empty an entire house of any unwanted items in any location. Please call us at 931-337-0617 to get started.

What equipment does Junk Smiths+ use?

We come prepared for the job. Our main truck is 7'x14' with 4' side walls. For smaller jobs we also have a Ford F250 pick up truck and a Ford Transit Connect cargo van. We keep our trucks equipped with dolly's, handtrucks, tools, brooms, garbage cans and bags.

My stuff is worth money, will you pay me for it?

Sorry, we do not pay customers for their items. We are a full service junk removal company. If you believe that your items are of value, we always encourage our customers to attempt to sell their items before contacting us to remove it.

Can you donate my items?

Yes. We love keeping reusable items out of our landfills. We always donate all reusable items to local non profit thrift stores. We also recycle as much as possible.

How much does junk removal cost?

Our pricing is based on how much volume or space that your items take up in our truck. To provide you with the best price possible, our team will give you an onsite price quote before the beginning of every job. Some items are more labor intensive like dirt, rocks, concrete. Those jobs are based on weight.

What is included with your junk removal service?

Our prices include all labor and disposal fees. We offer a straight forward upfront price with no surprises.


Do you have a business license and insurance?

We do! We are licensed with the City of Crossville. Our license number is 1001321732. We are also members of the Crossville Chamber of Commerce. The safety of you and your property is very important to us. We are backed by a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy.

Do you background check your employees?

We know that allowing people in your home takes a lot of trust. We want you to be comfortable with all members of our team. We do extensive background checks on all our employees through Goodhire.

How can I get a quote?

We offer quick estimates by text photos at 931-337-0617. If you'd like to call to book an appointment we can be reached at 931-742-1700. We also offer online booking here.

How soon can I book?

We are often able to offer same day or next day junk removal. We work with your schedule and do our best to get your unwanted items out of your way as soon as possible.

How can I pay?

Our team members can accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express at the time of service. We also offer no contact payment by sending an invoice with a payment link directly to your mobile phone or email.

Are you available on weekends?

Yes we are! We are open Monday- Saturday from 8am-7pm. Please call us at 931-742-1700 to discuss any projects outside our normal business hours.

Will you post pictures of my property online?

We will never post pictures without your permission. We respect the privacy of our customers.

What areas do you serve?

We are based in Crossville, Tennessee. We serve all of The Plateau and Upper Cumberland areas including Crossville, Cookeville, Fairfield Glade, Sparta, Pikeville, Monterey, Jamestown, and Rockwood. If you would like to discuss a job outside of our listed areas, please give us a call at 931-337-0617.

Home Smiths+

What is estate organizing?

Estate organizing is sorting the entire contents of your property or space for keeping, donating, and disposal. Estate organizing differs from junk removal services in that it is more detailed work that involves sorting and reorganizing items, or handling the process of emptying the contents of an estate. I can schedule an entire property organization or a single room. Projects can also be scheduled as a room-by-room segmented project. The service could include packing, deep clean services, and maintenance sessions as needed. I take care of everything from folding clothes to bagging up unwanted items and coordinating donation drop offs. Home Smiths+ is perfect if you are clearing the estate of a loved one that has passed, downsizing to prepare for a move or moving an elderly parent, or if you are doing a whole house organization and deep clean.

How do we get started?

Getting started can be the biggest challenge you'll face but I'm here to make the entire process as quick and easy as possible and to fully support you and the goals you have for your project. Every project begins with a phone consultation to discuss your project, goals, and time frame. Next is an on site, no obligation visit which typically lasts an hour. This is the opportunity for us to meet in your space, discuss options, scheduling, and for me to begin planning the time and cost estimate. It's also a chance for us to decide if we're comfortable with each other and make a good team for completing your project. If you are cordinating an estate clearing from out of state, we will begin with a phone consultation. I can then schedule an on site visit with a person of your choosing, usually a realtor or neighbor.

What are your rates?

I charge for my services by the job. Every project has different needs and time frames. After an on site visit I will provide you an upfront customized price quote before any work begins. The total cost of the project depends on the size and how much you wish to do yourself. Projects can be segmented and scheduled over time. You are responsible for the cost of any goods used for your project. Payment is due at the end of the project or project segment. Payment options include cash, check, and contactless card payments.

Do I have to get rid of things?

Editing and purging are part of decluttering, downsizing, and estate clearing. I am there to be a voice of reason and to complete the work but it is your home and your stuff- you make the final decisions. We will work together to organize and store everything that you want to keep. Items that are leaving your home can be sorted for you to review at the end of every session. Any reusable items can go to the charity of your choosing. Any tax-deductible donation receipts will be provided to you.

I'm a little embarrassed about the state of my home and to be asking for help. Will you protect my privacy?

Absolutely! Home Smiths+ operates with zero judgement and complete client confidentiality. I am sensitive to the emotions that are sometimes involved in any project. I believe in respecting you, your home, and your privacy. My vehicle is unmarked and I do not wear a uniform. If any of my team members are required to assist me in completing your project, we will discuss that at the beginning of the project and, if desired, you can meet them before they will be in your home. All team members conduct their work with a strict code of conduct.

Do I have to purchase all new organzing products?

Not necessarily. As much as possible, I will utilize the products that you already own. If any products are needed we will work together to decide the best options for your needs and style.

How long will organizing take? Is there anything that I can do to keep the project moving?

Every project is different and there are many factors that contribute to our progress: how quickly decisions can be made, the size of your home or office, what kind of clutter we'll be working with, and how detailed you want the organizing to be. For those that want to work on the project outside of our session times, we can set aside items to sort through like letters and photos. Clients can also make store returns, list items for sale, or drop off donations and recycables. Some clients have time to commit to these tasks and some do not. There is no requirement and never any judgement.

Do you conduct estate sales or do appraisals?

Home Smiths+ does not conduct estate sales or appraisals. We can present you with options for service providers and, if needed, can coordinate with the provider that you hire.